Saturday, July 14, 2007

Neem Oil...

This morning, Mummy bath me and Gor...usually its Gor's turn first then follow by me de...but dunno why today the shampoo smell's very smelly!!! Mummy say she use a new product to repell those hateful ticks (not that we have ticks lah, but its for prevention). Its call Neem a small blue colour bottle...OMG..the smell is bloody awful!!

(PS: Mummy - Smell AWFUL?? imagine mummy's hands after showering both of you!!!..but since it's supposed to be good, mummy bo bian...will hv to try lor ...BUT hor..the smell is really terrible..)

Mummy took a few photos of me and Gor after our bath...enjoy!

Wah! Got GHOST!!!

OOOH!! Its only GOR!! silly me...

Gor Gor, you smell strange...smell so weird de??! after shower - I hate the way i chou chou...thus chou face!!!!

Hmmm..mummy say if I guai guai, later she will give me treats!! also know its very buay tahan for me to tolerate this smell right? So ok..I accept your offer graciously!!! *SMIRK*


  1. Hey Scrabby Doo - that's too bad about the stinky shampoo - if it smells that bad you should go and rub yourself all over your mum's bed - then she too will know how bad it smells!!


  2. haha... u shld try out River's suggestion!
    Jiejie nvr use neem oil on me, so i dunno how bad it is. but if u get treats in return, it's probably worth all the efforts to tahan!

  3. Hehe Scrappy Doo. You look adorable with the towel over your head. So does your Kor. Remember to ask for lots of treats. Anything is worth it as long as there's plentiful yum yum.