Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cousin Zeniel at 5 months old

Remember my cousin Zeniel? 5 mths ago, Mummy posted a short video of him at the hospital after he was born? For 5 mths I was not allowed to visit him coz they say he is still so young...then finally they brought me to visit him over the weekend!

When we reached, he was drinking milk...oooh I was so so curious and tried all sorts of ways to get close to him! Finally I managed to kiss his little toes and ears....he was giggling cute!

He is quite fei fei hor? He is only 5 months old but already weigh over 8kg!! Me only 4.8kg nia leh....


  1. Scrabby

    Your cousin looks real cute. You are right, he's quite fei fei.

    The Mighty Scruff

  2. Hi Scruffy! Thanx for dropping by!! Yeah I also think he is quite pui pui...hehe