Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Gor has cataract .....:(

Yday Mummy and Aunty Priscilla brought Gor to see Dr Heng at Mt Pleasant Animal Clinic in Clementi. Dr Heng set up a few tests for Gor that include eye check, blood check and also a mini obstacle course...

Gor failed the obstacle course on his first 2 trials...Mummy say he practically walked right into the first box ....:(...Mummy told Nai Nai its so heartbreaking to see Gor walking blindly...:(

Dr Heng confirms that Gor has cataract in both eyes and tat is why at times Gor seem to have difficulty seeing things. According to Dr Heng, its immature growth so Gor still has partial vision and this makes him a very good candidate for surgery...

Dr Robin Stanley who performs cataract surgery will be in town end Sept/early Oct and estimated surgery fees is S$5000. After discussing with Nai Nai and Uncle Alex, they decided to let Gor go for the surgery...

I promised to be a good boy..I will look after Gor also...I will protect Gor!!


  1. Oh no.. This is a common problem for us dogs when we grow old, but, I don't think 7 year old is that old. I'm crossing my paws for your Gor. Hope he'll recover well from the cataract.


  2. oh no... poor Cookie!
    i'm keeping my paw-paws crossed for your Gor too, n sending my silky zen-zen vibes!
    hope the opawration will be a smooth one!

  3. Precious and Ume - on behalf of my Gor..I say thank you for your kind concern...