Monday, August 6, 2007

Mummy is sick....

Sigh my Mummy been quite sick, can hear her coughing, sneezing and also fever...she went doctor 3 times le still not ok...
I very guai de, I did not disturb mummy when she resting, I just stay next to her and watch over her. Heng Uncle Alex is back, at least he can bring me and Gor for our walks....if not poor mummy have to struggle to bring us le...
Mummy, pls get well ok?

Photos taken while we go for our walks without Mummy....


  1. I hope your mum gets better soon - it's no fun when they're sick even though it is good to snuggle up and sleep with them sometimes.


  2. oh oh! hope your Mummy gets well soon! sending silky zen to your Mummy!

  3. Mummy almost recovered le...still abit blocked nose so her voice sounds strange..very low now