Friday, September 21, 2007


Well..I know I should not bite and lick my private area till it become red and swollen BUT why put this horrible spaceship thing on my neck huh?

Hmmm..nevermind!! I still pose and smile for you...this little thing wont bother me too much de...I still can jump up and down sofa, drink water, play ball wearing it...

(Mummy - who ask you to bite till your private area so RED??! have to apply cream! still so smug?!)


  1. hi Scrabby,
    erm... i noe it may be a private matter... but erm... er... y did u bite your erm... private area ah?

  2. Hmm...becos wake up in the middle of the night...Nai Nai, Mummy, Uncle all sleeping...even Gor also one accompany I got nothing to do..i bite...

  3. Oh no not the cone of shame - I really feel for you!! Mind you, you look a LOT happier in it than I did!!


  4. Hm.... I lick my private area when its wet.. JJ need to wipe me everytime after i pee.

    I like my paws when i am bored too..

    Not a good habit.. We muz kick it off.

    Jiayou Scrabby.

    I hate E-collar..

    O ya.. Ur mums birthday is on the 22th rite? Happy belated birthday to her!

    Lots of Love,

  5. River - I try to look my coolest in the collar! *GRIN*

    Sweety - thanx for the bday wish to my Mummy! I have recovered le, no longer in e-collar!