Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Inner feelings

Last Friday (14 Dec 2007) was my last day in the office - had been having mood swings as the day draws closer and closer...mixture of feelings when I stood at the entrance to my cosy little room with my bags. I felt sad & happy at the same time....sad coz after almost 10yrs working in this company, its time for me to say goodbye to a group of wonderful colleagues and friends..happy coz I am finally going to start a new chapter in my life. In the end I left the office saying bye bye room, bye bye for the memories!!

Was asked to give a speech during the farewell party and I started off with a *alamak*! Mind was blank for a second as there's so many things on my mind! In the end, all I could think of is a simple Thank You! Guess it covers everything that I feel inside me.

Boss called me on Friday morning, all the way from Auckland....I was telling myself not to cry infront of my colleagues but the moment I hear his voice...my eyes went RED...guess he knew me pretty well and he started off sounding embarrassed: "Now dun you dare start the water tap on me!" HAHA! I will really miss him, he's the most wonderful boss I had ever worked with!!

Well...goodbye WS! I will miss working there!!

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