Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Job...New Start...New Beginning...

Scrabby Mummy - for those that read abt my blog, you will recall that I've decided to leave my former company after a period of almost 9yrs in Dec me..its not a easy decision at all but I was given not much choice at that time. I decided to move on for a new start.. to start a new chapter in my life since so many things had happened within a short span of time in 2007...well all that is over strong and standing tall again le..:-)

After all that happened within the past 6 mths, I felt like a changed priorities had also totally changed...decided to take a 4 mths break (well deserved one OK?!) I went on a personal challenge...decided to shed fats off my waist, butt, arms, thighs etc...well though I know I still hv lots to work on, so far I've been happy with the results lor...felt like a changed person...Oooh I also learned to pay more attention on makeup, dressing, accessories etc...Yeah I become much more hiao (vain!)...wait or should I say become *hiaoer*!! *GRIN*

Decided to come back to the work force after a 4 mths break....dun think I can continue with the so called *tai tai* lifestyle for long...not that I am not enjoying it though...everyday goes shopping, yum cha, gym, yoga, meet up with friends etc...But at the end of the day, my hands starts to feel *itchy*..I actually want to do powerpoint presentations, proposals etc! Weird right?! So when a headhunter called me abt 2 weeks ago, I decided to test the job market and went for interviews..GOSH! I was so nervous on my 1st interview..I had not been to one since 9 yrs ago hor! Can feel *butterflies* all inside my stomach that's been a good experience going for interviews least I know wat is my market value lor..

Met up with ex-boss when he's back for a business trip and had a chat with him on job search and priorities etc...he was great and gave me lots of advice too...thanx Andrew!

Finally decided to accept the role of Executive Secretary/Administration Manager in a Market Research part..its less then 8 mins walk from my house hor!! hahahaha...envy right??! I saved on transport $$ and time!! Best working hours is from 9 to 5.30pm..hehe..can go home earlier to be with my 2 babies (Cookie and Scrabby!!)

Today is my 1st day at work...overwhelming much to absorb and went for 4 discussions in just 1 day ...tomorrow will be another long day...had 3 meetins lined up....but well..BUSY is good lah....

Tats all folks...wish me LUCK!! :-)

PS: Must thank Baxter J for recommending me this job lobang...thanx Bax! *SMILE*

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