Monday, May 19, 2008

Nai Nai came home le!!!!

Past few days me and Gor spent alot of time alone at home..*SULK*...and Nai Nai not around ..dunno where she go..think she went on a holiday to a place call *horse pit the*? I missed Nai Nai so so Mummy and Uncle Alex came home at abt 1pm and Nai Nai is with them!! She seemed abit weak though but I was so so happy to see her, I jumped up and down, wanting to kiss her and let her carry me BUT Mummy shouted at me: "Baby! NO! NO!"...hmmm..why cannot huh? I miss Nai Nai mah...:-(

Scrabby Mummy: Baby, be careful you dun hurt Nai Nai's wound ok? She just went thru a complicated 4 hrs surgery. Initially Doc Yeo told Mummy it will only take 1.5hrs but then time keep passing by and soon it became 4hrs!!! Both Mummy and Uncle Alex so worried, kept waiting outside the Operating Theatre..THEN...Mummy received a call on mobile, a nurse called to ask them to GO INSIDE the waiting area of Operating Theatre.....Mummy and Uncle Alex went PALE, they thought something horrible had happened to Nai Nai...after waiting for abt 10mins, finally saw Doc Yeo - he explained that the surgery is more complicated then he thought as not only the left soft bone protrudes out into Nai Nai's nerve but the right lower soft bone also protrudes Nai Nai's spine is kinda *crushed* in between by 2 soft bones..her spine at that portion is kinda out of shape le...OUCH!!! that must be so so luckily the surgery went well ....finally can relax abit esp seeing Nai Nai waking up, claiming that she is hungry...

I took a photo of the soft bones which were being removed from Nai Nai's spine by Doc Yeo ..for those who cant take such photo..pls refrain from looking hor...

Nai Nai looking good from her hospital bed...:-)

This is me, making sure that Nai Nai is warm and safe by sleeping next to her! :-)

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