Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Help me pls?? I want my toy back!

Were playing fetch with Mummy then I kicked too high and my ball dropped inside the pail of water...no one wants to help me lor..so I think and think and try my best to get my ball out..I managed to touch the ball with my nose BUT it floated away to the other direction so I followed ..I tried and tried and tried..BUT it remained out of reach for me!! *SOB*..help me pls??!!!


  1. Scrabby, all you need to do is to over turn that pail and you will get your ball.


  2. I got it liao!! I aimed and sudden quick action of my mouth..I managed to grab the ball!!! I cant over turn the pail..Mummy will kill me de with all the water all over the floor mah..