Saturday, October 4, 2008

I have a new nick!!

Hmmm..sorry for not blogging lately but Mummy been busy lor...anyway here is the latest update abt me..guess wat??! I have a new nick and its given by the nice Malay granny staying a few units away from Nai Nai...

One morning Nai Nai went to the corridor to hang some laundry and met the Malay granny lor..they were chit chatting (or rather talking in chicken and duck language?? coz both like dun really know wat they talking abt?? Nai Nai with her limited knowledge in Malay and her with her limited knowledge in English lor)...I dun like the disturbance of them chit chatting and started to bark! This Malay granny then pointed at me and say..Kopi Chocolate!! Bising Bising!!! Nai Nai was stunned for a moment and burst out laffing...well later then I realised Kopi Chocolate is referring to me!! and Bising means Noisy!

Hmmm...guess my fur colours really look like Kopi Chocolate??! hehe...Kopi is another word for coffee mah...

Wat do u think of my new nick huh?

1 comment:

  1. So I can now call you Mocha. I think it suits you fine.