Monday, November 17, 2008

Status re Cookie Gor Gor

Ok Cookie Gor Gor been *running* to the toilet lately and there's blood within his *output* as well..that got Nai Nai, Mummy and Uncle Alex worried and decided to bring him to the vet yesterday. All sorts of negative thoughts came into their minds, what if its something really serious??! Well cant blame them also as Gor Gor is consider old liao mah...

In the end, guess what the vet say? Gor Gor ate something dirty! He must be secretly eating up those dirty food on the floor while we go for gai gai lor...

Now he is on anti-biotics and medication lor..will need to go back and see vet in another 10 days time lor..

1 comment:

  1. I was having bad tummy for the past week too. Jie jie says that its because I have been licking my paws and that cause me to be sick sick. I hope your gor gor get well soon.