Saturday, March 27, 2010


My inner thigh area is very red and swollen with rashes now...I am allergic to dust...Nai Nai used to mop the floor at least thrice a day before she got hurt but now ....sigh...since Nai Nai's finger got hurt...she no longer can do housechores and Mummy have no time to mop the floor daily....:(

A few days ago Nai Nai noticed I keep biting my inner thigh and then they realised I got rashes...Uncle Alex and Mummy brought me to see Doctor ...oh boy! How I hate it!! At first I still find the Doctor quite cute...a pretty young lady BUT then she try to poke a stick inside my asshole!! (Scrabby Mummy: its a therometer! Doctor trying to check if you having a fever!) Oh I so ANGRY!! I growled and snarled at her...stay away from me..DO NOT..I repeat DO NOT come near me with that stick! I was given a jab too at my butt area ..nearly bite her hands off!! OUCH!!!

I have to wear the stupid E cap and take medicine for 2 solid weeks now!!! *SULK*

Scrabby Mummy: Its so malu (embarrassing) bringing you to the doctor! Not well still so fierce!

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