Friday, March 5, 2010

Horrific Freak Accident

Yesterday was a terrible day for all of us especially Nai Nai and Cookie Gor Gor. It started with our routine morning walk, we were waiting for the lift and Nai Nai decided to have a quick chit chat with the neighours who came out from the lift, Aunty Agnes and Uncle John. While they were talking, we were very impatient for our walk and started pacing about the lift lobby. Then Cookie Gor Gor decided to make a dash for the lift...he went inside alright BUT the lift door was closing!! Upon seeing this, Nai Nai was in a panic and worried plus the leash was caught at the door!! Nai Nai immediately placed her hand on the lift hand hoping the sensor can detect her hand and re open BUT it did not!! Her finger got stuck in between the door, the leash got stuck in between the door and the lift promptly went upwards!!! Guess what?!! Her finger got amputated by the upgoing lift BUT she did not feel the pain cause she saw Cookie Gor Gor choking on his leash inside the lift!! This is because the other end of the leash is still hold on by Nai Nai! She did not know the extent of her injury and pulled her stucked & badly injured finger out and blood came pouring out....I was so frightened by the sight and smell of the blood! Aunty Agnes and Uncle John was in a panic too!! Immediately Aunty Agnes dragged Nai Nai back with me following closely behind...we woke Uncle Alex up. Uncle John went to search for Cookie Gor Gor...finally he was found and ALIVE and brought home.

Aunty Agnes wrapped Nai Nai's finger but the blood keep flowing..Mummy rushed home and brought Nai Nai to the clinic. Doc Koh told Mummy that the whole segment of the finger is gone, together with her nail and bone! Mummy nearly freaked out!! So the next few hours was in a blur...Nai Nai was sent to the and Cookie Gor Gor waited anxiously at home. Nai Nai needed surgery...

Finally at about 8.30pm, Nai Nai is back with a heavily wrapped up right hand...:-(...apparently they cant save that finger and had to amputated more as the flesh around the remaining finger already started to rot....

We were so happy to see Nai glad she is recovering well ..she is really our HERO!!! Nai Nai is worried about us and she smile at us when she reach home!

Nai Nai - we love you!!

PS: Scrabby Mummy - I had sent a email to HDB and Town Council about this accident, demanding to know why the sensor at the lift is not functioning well. Town Council had replied that they are looking into this seriously and had alerted the Lift Company. The Lift will be shut down for investigation and a report will be provided to me once they have it. In the meantime, should the fault be found with the lift, they will compensate us for all medical bills.


  1. oh no, poor Nai Nai. That must be really painful. Nai Nai is so brave, she still has a smile on her face. Please take good care of her.

  2. oh my god!
    such a scary accident!
    and it happened right in front of u!
    oh thank god everyone's allright!

    oh that lift needs to change the sensors! this incident was not supposed to happen at all!!

  3. 上來逛逛,既來之,打聲招呼,留言支持一下囉!祝你一切平安!........................................