Friday, June 15, 2012

In remembrance of Blur and 妞妞.....

Today we want to share some sad news:

on 6th June - Aunty Jer's Blur passed away.  It totally broke her heart especially when she is away in Auckland.  Mummy had met Blur Gor Gor and his brothers and she said Blur Gor Gor is really sweet.  He had turned totally blind though due to old age and relied on his senses to move around the house, always knocking into furniture at home.  Mummy told 奶奶 its really sad to see him doing that then.  RIP Blur Gor Gor, you will be miss deeply by your loved ones.  Aunty Jer - Scrabby and Cookie Gor Gor hug you tight tight, sending lots of kisses to you and please don't be too sad ok??  Blur Gor Gor will have new friends at the new place de.

Blur Gor Gor
Today is also 1 year anniversary for 妞妞妹妹.  We have only met her daddy, Uncle Lewis.  But we heard many stories about 妞妞妹妹.  She was very cute and lovely and fietsy too!  What a character!  She passed away due to a accident and she had just turned 1 year old when it happened.  Uncle Lewis is so sad and heartbroken when she passed on.  I was surfing mummy's facebook and saw what Uncle Lewis had posted today:

Tears dropped....we can feel his love and sorrow.  Its ok Uncle Lewis, come visit us often.  Though we cannot replace her in your heart but we promise we will give you many hugs and kisses.  妞妞 now have Blur Gor Gor as a companion too.  She won't be lonely le. 


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