Thursday, February 6, 2014

恭喜发财!Happy New Year!

It's Chinese Lunar New Year!!  Mummy been really busy with baking of goodies for guest, cooking for reunion week before Chinese New Year, our home smell heavenly daily coz Mummy will be busy with all the baking!

All the above are only some of the stuff which Mummy had prepared, look good right?? Did not managed to take pic of what Mummy had cooked for reunion dinner coz everyone sat down and just started eating, darn!  Must have been really yummy!

See me lying on the floor, watching Mummy baking and waiting...hopefully she will let me have some...

Oh 奶奶 helped to bake some peanut cookies too!  She seemed to have loads of fun, look at her giggling and laffing...Mummy said those baked by 奶奶 are all in odd shapes though..haha!

Lastly its Mummy's turn to have FUN...dressing me up for Chinese New Year shots....well..I do enjoy dressing up lah....Dun I look HANDSOME??  

Happy Lunar New Year to all my friends!  Hope you guys had as much fun as we did!

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