Thursday, April 3, 2014

My new friends :)

Happened to view this video from last month and decided to share, coz its too cute not to!  Big Foot's cousins came for a visit!  Heard they actually flew in from America!  Mummy said they have to take a plane ride that is more then 24 hours to reach is really long huh....I think my buttock sure pain from sitting for so long man!  They are same age as Big Foot, Pepper and Cookie....yeah he has the same name as my beloved Cookie Gor Gor!  But he is only 6 years old, they are still so young!

Pepper is the one with a patch over one of his eye...while Cookie is the one who wears a e-collar...heard he has skin issues and thus he has to wear the e-collar almost daily....Their owner is Jie Jie S....she is very pretty and nice...she gave us treats and we played along the corridor that night!  I had a lot of fun!  Hope they will come again SOON!

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