Wednesday, January 20, 2016

It's been a LONG time...

Hi folks

It's been a LONG time since I blog..way too long...since 2014 till now...too many reasons..but mainly its due to:

Mummy been really busy coz she went back to workforce full time
I've been very sick from end 2014 till early 2015, in and out of hospital

Mummy put me on natural supplements for my seizures and skin issues that I no longer suffers from stomach upset...I managed to put on some weight and my *hair* has since thicken as well..

How?  I look happy bo? :)  My Mummy put in a lot of effort and time to look after me de


My Mummy torn her right knee ligament sometime ago and had problems walking BUT she still have to look after 奶奶 and me.  So poor thing leh she...thus I LUV her so much :)

Oh..update on my gal, Ms Big Foot...she did stayed with us for abt 2 weeks in Dec 2015 when her family went away for holiday...she still look sibeh choi right?  Mummy bot this pram for me...coz I no longer can walk long distance...we so happy sitting inside and waiting to go gai gai :)

Ok that's all for now, will come back soon.  I Promise!


  1. Hello! Long time no hear :) Glad to hear that everyone's doing ok now. You still look gorgeous (ok, boyish-gorgeous lah) as always! Wah, nice pram leh. [calling my mom...*mommy, come see, I oso wan!*]

    Bowie (dunno if you still rem me?)

  2. OMG! Hey! How have u been? Long long time no hear liao!! Of coz we remember you and your mummy!