Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Crossing over to Rainbow Bridge

Dear all

It's been a few years since my last post...Scrabby been very sick for the past few years with heart issue and kidney failure.  He kept on fighting and eventually became very weak...

He crossed over to rainbow bridge on 15 May 2021.

We miss him so so much....he really fought so hard...

Thanks for the years of companionship, I know you really din want to leave...But you are so tired and in pain...Baby...go and look for Cookie Gor Gor...he is waiting for you and will look after you well.

We will all be ok...pls do not worry about us..

We love you VERY VERY MUCH...

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Time never waits or stop for anyone...

Hi all,

This is Scrabby Mummy, its been more then a year since I last updated this blog...I know I promised to write often but with so much going on ....there is simply not much time...

Scrabby is no longer as active as before...vet just informed me last Sunday that both his eyes has cataract...thus soon he will go blind...then he no longer can control his bladder thus he is wearing diapers everyday now...He still love to smile .cheeky as well.  Then he now has a new 姐姐 (I've hired a domestic helper) to look after both 奶奶 & him.  She love Scrabby dearly and the feelings is mutual...sometimes 奶奶 and me jealous of their bond...

奶奶 also not in a good shape..she fell down last October and fractured her pelvis and cracked her lower back...was bedridden for sometime and now she is on wheelchair and also learning to walk again using the walking aid...thus you can imagine how busy I am...with 2 pioneer citizens to look after ...Scrabby is also a pioneer citizen le..except he does not get to enjoy the benefits lor...

I am sadden by the degeneration of both of them...time truly never wait or stop for anyone...of coz time does not stop for me as well...I have aged too...I have no idea how much time i have with Scrabby...I just hope that he is happy and never stop smiling...

Scrabby smiling as always :)

Scrabby in his diapers on his new bed 

Scrabby after visiting the vet on Sunday...looking tired....

Friday, March 11, 2016

Difference between 1) a sweet and sour strawberry and 2) a happy and grouchy 招财狗

Ms Foot's 姐姐Sam just flew back from USA.  She bought us presents!!!  Hmmm..so exciting leh!  I luv to receive presents..don't you? Anyway...my Mummy came home and see us in these...Mummy burst out laffing ....

Mummy say this *strawberry* looks DAMN SOUR lor..hahahahahaha :P..but I think she looks so so cute..don't you think so?

Nah..this is ME!  I look sweeter right? I think I look sibeh handsome lor ..hehe

Mummy say there is this character call 招财猫, supposed to help those bosses bring in business de.  BUT seeing this grouchy looking 招财狗...she thinks the companies CMI liao (cannot make it)..hahahahaha

And seeing me SMILE till so sweet...sure more business will roll in lor? HEHE!

Have a good weekend everypawty! :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

It's been a LONG time...

Hi folks

It's been a LONG time since I blog..way too long...since 2014 till now...too many reasons..but mainly its due to:

Mummy been really busy coz she went back to workforce full time
I've been very sick from end 2014 till early 2015, in and out of hospital

Mummy put me on natural supplements for my seizures and skin issues ...so that I no longer suffers from stomach upset...I managed to put on some weight and my *hair* has since thicken as well..

How?  I look happy bo? :)  My Mummy put in a lot of effort and time to look after me de


My Mummy torn her right knee ligament sometime ago and had problems walking BUT she still have to look after 奶奶 and me.  So poor thing leh she...thus I LUV her so much :)

Oh..update on my gal, Ms Big Foot...she did stayed with us for abt 2 weeks in Dec 2015 when her family went away for holiday...she still look sibeh choi right?  Mummy bot this pram for me...coz I no longer can walk long distance...we so happy sitting inside and waiting to go gai gai :)

Ok that's all for now, will come back soon.  I Promise!