Friday, March 11, 2016

Difference between 1) a sweet and sour strawberry and 2) a happy and grouchy 招财狗

Ms Foot's 姐姐Sam just flew back from USA.  She bought us presents!!! exciting leh!  I luv to receive presents..don't you? Mummy came home and see us in these...Mummy burst out laffing ....

Mummy say this *strawberry* looks DAMN SOUR lor..hahahahahaha :P..but I think she looks so so cute..don't you think so?

Nah..this is ME!  I look sweeter right? I think I look sibeh handsome lor ..hehe

Mummy say there is this character call 招财猫, supposed to help those bosses bring in business de.  BUT seeing this grouchy looking 招财狗...she thinks the companies CMI liao (cannot make it)..hahahahaha

And seeing me SMILE till so sweet...sure more business will roll in lor? HEHE!

Have a good weekend everypawty! :)

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