Sunday, April 29, 2007

Foxy looking???!

Yesterday Cookie Gor Gor had to go for his annual vaccination...Nai Nai suggested we all go along, take it as a gai gai trip lor.

Ok we reach the vet, there were not many other *patients*...but we met a couple in their late 30s?? The woman kept asking mummy, wat breed am I?? She say I look like a fox!!! Hmmm...I look foxy meh??? Then she commented that Cookie Gor Gor is very guai while I am so hyper...CHEY! active no good meh???

She heng my mummy in good mood yday...if not...hiak hiak...u think my mummy will allow people to criticise me meh??!

So you think I look foxy?? (oh do ignore Cookie Gor Gor in the background..he seem to be feeling lousy after his jab...quite poor thing lor)...

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