Tuesday, April 3, 2007

My *Career* (Part 1)

I have taken up a very important *career* at home nowadays. Besides working, I also have my usual break time for naps, drinks, play and makan lah...quite a free and easy job lah...BUT I enjoy doing it...coz it makes me feel important at home....I have my own *career*!! yeah! yeah!!

Ok Nai Nai go inside toilet liao, I station outside and wait.....

Got sound??! whose that in the front making so much noise??! Can dun disturb my Nai Nai??!

Hmmm...how come so long de huh??

Wah phiang!! still not done??!!! Sian....

Nai Nai, you done??! got flush toilet properly??! My job is to make sure everyone flush toilet properly hor....you sure??!

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