Friday, April 13, 2007

Weird Habits (Part 1)

Cookie Gor Gor got many weird habits de...sometimes he makes me laff but most of the time..I just sit there and watch him perform his so call stunts...hmmm....sometimes cant help but to wonder...hmmm...why he behave like that huh? Age catching up with him? Cant be mah...he still look so *young*...hehe

Today show you 2 videos of him playing with his breakfast (kibbles) - dunno why the very first kibble he takes....he MUST put on the floor and use his body/stomach/face to rub it....then he leave it on the floor...sometimes he will eat it up...but other times he just turn away from the kibble he left on the floor and simply walk back to the bowl and eat up all the other kibbles...strange hor??!

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