Thursday, May 3, 2007


This morning, Cookie Gor Gor done it again! He loves to chew his paws/legs for nothing...sometime so bad that it will bleed de. Mummy and Uncle A brought him to see vet so so many times liao, there is absolutely nothing wrong with him just a very bad habit of his. Nai Nai hates it when she see him chewing his paws/legs and use all sort of methods, hoping it will stop him:
  • Rub medicated oil
  • Rub vinegar
  • Rub salt
  • Rub bitter apple spray
  • E-collar

Still he simply refuse to listen...stubborn Gor Gor...this morning, I was lazing under the sofa and heard Nai Nai scream....he chew until one of his paws bleed...this time Nai Nai cannot take it...this is wat she did...SIGH...Gor Gor ah...wake up!!! stop your bad habit!!

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Dun worry - Cookie Gor Gor is not hurt in the process...Mummy remove the pegs almost immediately.....

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