Thursday, June 7, 2007

Gor - you need to visit Dentist!!!

Hmmm...Cookie Gor Gor's breath very stinky leh...everytime he open his mouth...wah phiang...damn chou chou leh...not only I say hor...Nai Nai & Mummy also cannot tahan le...

Finally we managed to locate the cause for his stinky breath - one of his front tooth wonder so stinky...Mummy say must be painful for Gor Gor BUT Nai Nai disagree cause she say Gor Gor still very glutton leh...he practically gobble any thing she feed him whor...*GRIN*..Mummy say she is going to contact the vet but worry becos of Gor's age..he might not be able to tahan the surgery?? hmmm..tat bad huh??

This is a photo of his upper front tooth (one of them the root area turn black colour liao) and a video where I kept turning my face away from him when he tries to kiss me...sorry Gor but really bua tahan lah....:P

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