Friday, June 15, 2007

Ole Ole Ole Ole (Soccer song)

Oh I love playing balls, my mummy bought many balls for me and they are all over the house, i.e. under the sofa, under the tv console, under the dining table, under the beds etc.

My favourite game is:
  • Playing catch
  • Playing fetch
  • Playing soccer with Nai Nai! I will act as the goalkeeper!!
Every morning and evening, I will make sure Nai Nai play with me. Aiyah I am also being very kind Nai Nai went thru a kneecap replacement surgery in October 2006. By playing with me, I am helping Nai Nai exercising her new metal kneecap mah. See I so understanding hor!

This video shows me and Nai Nai playing soccer. If I no mention, dun think anyone will believe Nai Nai just went thru a big surgery on her kneecap last yr hor?!! She is so quick on her feet leh!

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