Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Gift from Boss

Well...last Friday was the last day Mummy's Boss work in Singapore office, he and family flew back to Auckland on last Sat le.

He brought Mummy out for lunch...heard Mummy telling Nai Nai, she controlling her tears throughout lunch...but when Boss gave her a thank you card and a gift....Mummy broke down and cry le...coz she was very touched by wat her boss wrote on the card....

I did not know my Mummy is such a cry baby de...but think she is really upset her boss left...Sigh....

Mummy - dun worry...you and Mr Pirie will still be working together till end of the year mah...you can still chat with him and web cam somemore mah....Cheer up!!! *HUG*
This is the card and gift....heard its bone carvings with special meaning de...

Left bone carving is call Hei Matau (Fish Hook) - this is for Determination, strength, peace, prosperity and safe journey especially over water

Middle bone carving is call Koru (Spiral) - this is for new life or beginning, growth, harmony and peace

Right bone carving is call Twist and Crossover - this is for bonding of friendship joining of lives for eternity


  1. Aww your poor mum being all upset - maybe you should tell her you'll be her boss now - might make her feel better and get you lots of tasty treats as well!!


  2. Me and Gor been trying our very best to distract Mummy so she wont think so much....we been giving her alot of hugs and kisses...we are very good boys!! :-)

  3. Hi Scrappy Doo!

    Oh dear, I do hope your Mummy is feeling better now.


  4. :( big wet licks to Scrabby's Mummy!