Monday, August 27, 2007


I was very naughty lor...I try to bully Gor as I am abit jealous that Mummy and Nai Nai been spending alot of time on Gor...coz Gor cant really I keep finding chance to *fight* with Gor....and I keep barking at Gor...Mummy talk to me nicely but I refuse to listen....then I want to dominate over Gor...Mummy angry with me...she punished me...this is wat happen...

Mummy use Gor's old muzzle to punish me....I very stunned and sad lor...ok I AM SORRY GOR..I wont dare le....
(MUMMY: who ask you to be so stubborn? dun act sad...I only use the muzzle less then 5 mins!)


  1. Poor Scrabby, you looked bewildered. Try not to bully your Gor again ok? *Hugs*


  2. ARGH!!! this wouldnt have been possible if we have shorter snouts!

    but dun bully Cookie le... he reali needs more attention now, u muz sayang him, okie?

  3. Scrabby Mummy - do u ladies know he is still bullying his Gor? He will *attack* and bite Cookie's thigh/leg whenever he has chance?! Every evening i come home, Cookie's hind legs all wet and tangled!