Saturday, August 18, 2007

Is 7 years old really old?

Mummy thinks there is something wrong with Gor's right eye..he seem to have difficulty seeing lately? No wonder I been able to steal treats right under Gor's nose! At times Gor drops his treats and even though its right there infront of him, he cant seem to find it? So I just ran over and snatch it I feel kinda guilty if Gor's eye really got problem....:(

At times when Nai Nai calls for me and Gor from the kitchen...Gor will take a very long time to reach the kitchen and he seem to be using his ears to locate Nai Nai

Gor seem to have more health problems..Nai Nai say becos he already 7yrs old, getting old its unavoidable? So far Gor has asthma, skin allergy, ear infection, tooth decaying which Mummy been able to monitor and slowly take care of these problems one after the last Sat, Gor went to the *vet* for his decaying tooth? But now even his right eye??!

Mummy post in a dog forum and then Aunty Carol also advise her to visit Dr Heng at Mt Pleasant Clinic, located in Clementi. Mummy already make the appointment le on this coming Monday...

I will pray very very hard for Gor...can all my friends pray for my beloved Gor too?? PLS PLS??

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  1. Hey Scrabby Doo!

    I dont think 7 years is old. But I do pray that it's not due to genetic problems. If that's the case then some doggies go to the rainbow bridge even earlier.

    Anyways...I'll keep my paw paws crossed that everything will be alrite with your Gor!

    Wet licks