Friday, August 3, 2007

Wonderful Surprise!!

Past few days were too busy and happy to blog coz guess wat??!! Uncle Alex is back from Shanghai!!!! Mummy knew that he will be back on 1 Aug morning but did not tell all of us so guess our joy when we went for our morning walk and there is Uncle Alex - standing at the lift lobby with his *boxes* (Mummy - its luggage!)

Me, Gor and Nai Nai were so so happy to see him!! We miss him very very much!! I was jumping around him, asking for kiss kiss!! Gor was circling around him while Nai Nai hug him. Mummy kept smiling, this is her little secret with Uncle Alex! Heard them saying Uncle is back for 15 days to settle some business meetings in KL and Singapore.

Ooh Uncle Alex look abit different, hmmm...slimmer? and how come his hair so long now huh?? Mummy is very envious - he lost 8kg within 2 mths!!! Mummy say she desperately need to lose 20kg wor! *GRIN* - so Mummy are you thinking of going over to Shanghai to work too? Cannot!!! me and Gor how huh??!!!

Nai Nai been cooking non-stop (almost) since Uncle A is back - hehe..that is to me and Gor's advantage!! Though we not allowed to eat their food but Nai Nai will specially keep a portion where its not seasoned de for me and yummy!!!

We will treasure these 15 days with Uncle Alex before he leaves again...ooh miss him so so much!!!

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