Saturday, September 1, 2007

We went for *hair cut*

Today Mummy, Nai Nai and Aunty Priscilla brought us for our *hair cut*...look how happy we were coz we did not know we actually going for *hair cut*....we also took a ride in Aunty Priscilla's new nice and comfy plus we got to sit inside stroller after we reach the *salon*

This is how we look after our *hair cut*...Aunty Priscilla say I look like big do u guys/gals think I look like a rat??! Nai Nai say I look foxy...hehe


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  2. hi Scrabby,
    nice cool haircuts! hmmm... i think u look more like a teddy bear now!
    TQ for your barkday wishes! enjoy your Sunday, beg for more treats, but dun bully your GorGor lah...

  3. I think you both look great in your new haircuts! Not rat like at all.


  4. You look real foxy like your Nai Nai says. Can't say I like visitng the groomers though. What about you?

    The Mighty Scruff

  5. Hi Scrabby, you look stunning! So does your Gor. I bet you both smell really nice too. =)


  6. Dear all

    Thx for the comments!! well me and Gor hate to go for hair cut and vet...we absolutely hate it!! hehe