Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Baby Ashley

Remember I told you on one of my last post regarding my Mummy's birthday? There is this tiny little angel tat is born on the same day as my Mummy? Well I know lah..she is younger then my Mummy lah..hmmm...3 cycles younger (Mummy: You die!! now everyone will know how old am I liao!)

Hehe, Mummy went to Baby Ashley's one month old party on Sunday and only managed to take a single shot of the cute little angel...see the thick black hair and her double eyelids? Ooh little beauty right? Her name is Ashley...she is the little princess...:)....too bad I cant go along..I wish to play with her..

There is another little gal which Mummy met, a 2 yrs old cute pumpkin call Sasha aka Bubbles - Mummy is pretty impressed by the way she carry herself. This little pumpkin speaks very well for her age and is a natural born leader - can you imagine the way she looks when she say goodbye to all : "Bye Guys..............." cool right? hehe

1 comment:

  1. oh! Baby Ashley is a cutie!

    my Jiejie told me 3 cycles is equal to...

    Pee.S: did u get to go to Pawtobello's?