Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Year, new *hair* cut

Yesterday morning, we sensed that Mummy is up to no good! She asked Nai Nai to feed us with a nice breakfast so that our belly is warm and full...then they brot out the *BAG*. When Cookie Gor Gor saw the bag, he was so excited coz that meant its time to go gai gai le! BUT! wait, how come so strange!!? Uncle A put me inside the bag huh?? I very upset and struggled as I never go inside a bag before de! Cookie Gor Gor was whining too coz he thinks the bag belongs to him!! While inside the cab, I was really upset and whining thru out the journey..then when we reached the destination, me and Gor nearly fainted! Ooh its aunty Linda's shop!! that only mean one thing! we are here for *hair* cut!!!

We were left alone at aunty Linda's shop for almost 3hrs before Mummy came to pick us up. The moment she and uncle A saw us, they burst out laffing! Mummy say I look like a rat! I look like the rat master inside the Ninja Turtle cartoon whor! So god damn insulting hor!

Mummy took a few photos of us but becos Gor Gor misbehaved himself (he chew his paws again!) so he has to wear the satellite dish (e - collar) so he was spared from taking the after *hair* cut shots lor. Weather is cold so Mummy helped me to put on my japanese kimono when its bed time!


  1. You both look great after your haircuts!


  2. Thank you! I was told I looked like a rat, fox!!!

  3. Hi scrabby,

    U look dashing after ur haircut i am going for my 1 wk before CNY.

    I hated carrier the most.....
    Could you teach me how to overcome the fear of getting confine in a small space?

    lots of love,