Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cookie Gor Gor being *thrown* out!!!

This Cookie Gor Gor hor..really very stubborn! SIGH! He no listen and be guai guai de..Mummy told him cannot bite legs (paws) BUT did he listen??! NOPE!! So this morning, he make Mummy so angry lor! She *threw* him out of the house again!!! Yup! This is not the 1st time liao BUT did he ever learn his lessons??! I guess not lor!

See how I try to *support* him by accompanying him from inside the house...though I super afraid coz Mummy still holding the cane lor BUT I brave boy..I still stood at the gate and try my best to be there for Gor lor...

I not spared also hor..Mummy also scold me..say if I follow Gor and chew my paws..she will throw me out also...


  1. You know wat my jie jie will do if I bite my paws and dun want to stop? She put tiger balm and my paw and I hated that smell and decided to give up on biting them.

    I have never thrown out of the house before but cookie, why dun you just go for your own walking instead of staying there to wait? I bet if you run off real fast, your mummy will sure open the gate and ask you to come home de.


  2. We luv to lick our paws too !
    Twister & Furby

  3. Mummy ever applied tiger balm b4 but gor still bite paws...

    Oooh Mummy said if gor wants to leave..its his freedom!! He need to do self reflection...but gor seem to be sick..sigh