Saturday, May 24, 2008

Maids? Wat are they huh?

Since Nai Nai came back from "horse pit the", Mummy been really busy lor..she told us she and Uncle Alex got new names somemore and their new roles in the house is as "Maids"..hmm..wat are maids huh? Anyway these are their new intro:

1) Mummy's new name is Maria
2) Uncle Alex's new name is Siti (Mummy wanted to call him Fatimah de but he no like the name whor)

Everyday me and Gor can hear them talking to Nai Nai in really weird tones and manner..for example when Mummy abt to hang the clean laundry ..I can hear her saying..MUM!! Maria here will do the work..MUM!! You GO INSIDE bedroom!! Then Nai Nai will roll eyes lor

From our observation, we think a maid is really great..helps to do housework in the house, looks after Nai Nai and me and Gor lor...if she can cook delicious and yummy food for us will be BETTER!!! *GRIN*

Me and Gor so curious so we went to google in internet n found some photos abt maids BUT HOR how come Mummy and Uncle Alex dun look like them de har??!! If we can have a maid that looks like and Gor beri beri happy lor...HEHE!!

PS: Scrabby Mummy - babies!! who taught you how to use internet to google huh??!!!! Hmmm..Mummy also wish I can look like her! LOL

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