Thursday, June 5, 2008

Oops he did it again (and again and again!!)

This morning Nai Nai, Uncle Alex and Mummy went off to *horse-pit-the* again..leaving me and Gor alone at home. As usual before they leave the house, they will put on the *spaceship* (Mummy: its e-collar!) on gor lor as he has the habit of chewing his own paws ..dun ask us why he does that one knows de. Its a big mystery ..gor not sick or have any skin problems BUT he simply loves to self torture himself de. Mummy always says my gor is a sadist!

Anyway when Mummy and Nai Nai came home...first thing they saw on the floor was..

Immediately they knew Gor had somehow managed to *get out* of the *spaceship*..I think gor is so clever lor..without releasing the catch on the collar..he can still *get out* from the *spaceship*

Mummy very very angry!! Gor's 4 paws were all red and even bleeding...she caned gor BIG TIME..then she bring him inside bathroom and washed all the 4 paws..applied some cream to sooth the redness also..BUT of coz she still punished him lah...

Gor is afraid of heights she placed him ontop of the dining chair and keep scolding him lor...SIGH..Gor ah Gor..why you so stubborn ne..refuse to listen...

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