Friday, July 4, 2008

*Tortured* by Nai Nai...

I love to hear Nai Nai sing songs to me especially those cute cute for baby type..Nai Nai always say when she babysit hooman (human) babies, she always sing those songs to them and all of them simply love it! I love hearing them too..everytime when Nai Nai sing to me, I will smile BUT hor not this time!! See how *black* is my face..sing song good enough le mah WHY must hold my face and *shake* de?? So bua song!!!


  1. hahaha.....
    my mum does the same to my furball.....

  2. LOL. your grandma must be bored out of her wits so she needs you to entertain her.

    Peeesss: Has she recovered fully from her surgery? I hope that her back is no longer bothering her.


  3. Well Nai Nai is recovering well lor this video is the best evidence liao lor hehe..