Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I am sick....

Since saturday my groin area been very itchy..I cannot take it so I keep licking and biting ..then hor..whole area became red and swollen!! Mummy beri upset and worried lor..so she immediately brought me to see vet lor

Hmm..many doggie patients at the vet ...I beri impatient lor..we waited for quite sometime then its my turn le..the vet told Mummy I got bacteria infection and need a injection...SULK..I dun like needle ...Mummy could not hold me down as I keep struggling so in the end..got 2 men came into the room..they very very mean..they hold me down very tight so that vet can inject me..ooh boy!! I scream SO LOUD!!! so pain u know?!

I sulk all the way home..coz I need to take medicine regularly and also wear the stupid e-collor for 2 weeks!!!!!

Wish the bacteria quickly die and go away...:(

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