Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cane - a scary looking stick....

Hmmm..besides thunder and noise..there is another thing which I am super afraid..that is a long and thin scary looking stick...dun underestimate it coz when it hit my HURTS BIG TIME ok!! Well..Mummy and Nai Nai hardly cane me as they dote on me especially Nai Nai..she bu ser de cane me de but when it comes to Uncle Alex..when I bu guai..he will not spare me de..

I was caught chewing on my paws the other day and Uncle Alex cane order to escape frm the cane..I tried to stand on my 2 hind legs...I was already being *pushed* to a corner poor thing ok! You can hear Mummy in the video telling him its enough le...:(

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