Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wishes for 2009

A few more days and 2008 will be over...I have to say the year of 2008 really sucks BIG TIME...not only does it affect those I love personally but it is affecting almost everyone globally (this one I overheard when Mummy and Uncle Alex chit chatting lah..) I think something to do with $$$ crisis globally? Anyway though Mummy been hit quite badly but she never pinch on treats and food for me and Gor de...I just hope all will be well for Mummy..

1) She lost her job in Dec 2007 after working there for almost 9yrs...
2) I also no longer have a Daddy since Jan 2008 - Mummy went through a divorce
3) Her health is getting worst daily..while sleeping next to Mummy every night I can hear her toss and turn in pain...wincing in pain too...I think her tummy is hurting BIG TIME
4) Mummy looks so pale and weak as she been losing alot of blood lately..
5) Her self confidence took a few blows while trying to look for new jobs but now she will need alot of rest, instructions from doctor so dun think she can work for a long time le

But I always see Mummy smiling despite all these especially when she hug and carry me and Gor..and also becos Nai Nai and Uncle Alex pampers Mummy alot too. Well me and Gor also sayang Mummy very much..Mummy must jia you ok? When you get well again you can indulge in your second love again...your beautiful handbags!! Must remember alot of pretty bags are waiting for you hor!

Re Nai Nai, 2008 been bad for her too...she suddenly had severe back pain and had to go thru emergency surgery, then her metal knee cap gave her problems and she need to draw out blood from knee cap ...then last week Nai Nai had a bad fall at the void deck and had to be hospitalised....but Nai Nai is also very strong (er..Mummy and Uncle Alex say she is stubborn lor)...I also hope 2009 will be a better year for Nai Nai coz I love her very much too

Re Uncle Alex..year 2009 will be a good one de!! That is for sure coz Mummy say you started your own biz le...Uncle Alex's new biz is a happy one...he helps people to plan for their wedding and make sure their wedding turns out lovely and romantic!! Uncle Alex must jia you too!!

Re pray the $$ crisis thing will pick up soon and then everyone will be happy!

I just pray that everyone will be healthy and happy for 2009.

Happy New Year to all!!

Kisses and Hugs from me and Gor!!


  1. I am sure 2009 will be a better year for everyone.



  2. We wish you a Fruitful year in 2009...

  3. Pearly and I wish your family, friends and you a sweet 2009!

  4. Hey gal, haven been reading ya blog for quite a while. Din know that so much have happened for ya.

    I hope 2009 will be a new 转机 for you and good things to go your way from now. Take care k. Hugz!