Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fun and headache of having 2 boys

Scrabby Mummy - its a headache to have 2 boys at home coz they fight non-stop!! Every day they will bite and chase each other at least 4 to 6 times..wonder where the hell they get the energy! Usually we will just sit there and watch them fight but when it gets too aggressive...I will start to scream at them! Come to think about it, its also quite fun to have 2 boys at home especially both of them have different characters. Cookie the older boy might seem gentle and docile and bo chup....but when he is in a fighting mood..he wins BIG TIME. Scrabby on the other hand though is more barkish and naughty...he can be a coward...well like the saying all bullies are cowards? Anyway here is a video clip of them fighting again...with Scrabby on the sofa and Cookie who dare not jump onto the sofa, standing on his hind legs and try to bite Scrabby...can you see my newspapers being scattered all over?!


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