Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nai Nai got 2 *cats* inside her eyes? week Nai Nai will need to go to *horse pit the* to remove the 2 *cats* inside her eyes le. We wont be having our home cooked dinner for the time being...Mummy bought delicious packed dog food for us!! These are super yummy but Hoomans say too salty so unless there is an *emergency*, if not me and gor gor wont get to eat them de...

In a dilemma, on one hand I wish I can eat the yummy dog food but on another hand, I hope Nai Nai recovers soon!! See me and gor gor? Dun you think we look abit sad coz Nai Nai is unwell?

PS: Scrabby Mummy - Nai Nai need to go for cataract surgery next week so in the meantime the 2 boys wont have home cooked food le...


  1. I will keep your Nai Nai in my thoughts. Please give her a sloopiest kiss for me and wish her a speedy recovery.


  2. Snowball - thank you for your kind words and thoughts!! I will tell Nai Nai that! Oh blush if you dun mind..I will return a thank you kiss on behalf of Nai Nai to you! *SMOOCH*