Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Next year I will hit the big 40!! No more *discount* next year liao

Scrabby Mummy - time really passes by so quickly, I turn 39 today!! OMG!! Can you believe that I am 39?? No right..I still looking so young, trendy and chio somemore!! LOL

Back to serious business, past few years been full of ups and downs for me especially my health but am glad and hopefully that is solved and I am on the road to recovery le. Well past 2 years I had gain alot too..especially in my collection of beautiful handbags, accessories, clothings, shoes etc..guess I really start OLD in becoming a real woman? *WINK*...I also gain a number of new friends and am truly grateful to all my loved ones for standing by me for the past 2 years!!

Anyway, today been a good day so far...received the most gorgeous bouquet of blue roses (my favorite!) from 2 ex colleagues, so so sweet of them!! Then I went to a super sinful lunch with dearest mum and brother at Tony Romas!! Yes I have a craving for RIBS!! Super yummy...last but not least...a ultra delicious birthday cake...

Thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart that I am alive and kicking and enjoying my life to the fullest!!

Next year when I hit the big 40! I will celebrate with a BANG!

Brother - remember my request hor..I want a birthday cake in the shape of a BIRKIN! Hehehe! *GRIN*


  1. Don't worry, the older you get the chio-er you'll get! ;)
    Happy Birthday! Cake looks really good :)

  2. Happy Sweet Birthday. Happy to learn that things r fine...luv, jen