Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hmm..Another thing that I cant do it too...sorry Mummy

Last evening, Mummy was staring at the rectangle white thing (Scrabby Mummy: its LAPTOP!) in front of her so intently that me and Gor Gor thought she is looking at her another love of her life again...handbags!! We thought she will eat up the rectangle white thing hor since she stared at it so so intensely...then suddenly Mummy started to CRY! Really crying big time....oooh see the amount of tissue papers she is using up man....Me and Gor Gor really curious lor...wonder what is making Mummy so sad....after almost 2 hours...Mummy finally looked up and she told Uncle Alex while crying..."I dun think Scrabby and Cookie will do that at all! SNIFF!" what??! Oh then we realised Mummy watching this movie "Hachiko" ...hmmm..we heard about him lor...such a great dog...even we also 认输...we dun think we can do what he 忠心 and Gor Gor salute you Mr Hachiko....

Mummy, pls dun cry anymore...though we cant do what Mr Hachiko done...but we will try our best to give you unconditional love at all times ok?

To all my fellow friends, if you have watch this movie..its a few months old liao but still Mummy thinks its a very good movie..just prepare more tissue papers!

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