Monday, May 7, 2012

I am BACK! 我回来了!! :)

After almost 2 years, I am finally BACK!! I hope all is well with everyone?? Back with new look :)..all remain the same except I lost the original counter and thus will have to start from scratch again re monitoring the number of visitors to the blog...Will slowly add other features as well...need to brush up my IT skills again!

These 2 years, I've been a really busy MAN..yes I've grown up and learnt to look after my 奶奶, mummy, uncle Alex and gor gor! Many things had happened during the past 2 years, Mummy been unwell but she had recovered nicely, uncle Alex is now staying in 上海 and busy working! Sometimes we get to see him via webcam! Yes I know how to connect via webcam now..not bad right?! Gor gor also went thru a kidney stone surgery lately and recovering well. Oooh Aunty Pris and Jer Jie Jie also had moved away...far away but at times I also will web cam with them lor.

One thing I am very happy is I did not aged at all! Mummy is damn JEALOUS man! HAHA...I was flipping through some old pics and saw a pic of me taken in 2005 so I did a comparsion with a pic taken recently. I think I look younger now leh! HEHE!

So how??! Really right?! I sibeh proud man..MUST be I been stealing Mummy's SKII lor ..hehe

Frankly I am almost 7.5yrs old and gor gor is almost 13yrs old le..that means in the world of humans, I am almost 52.5yrs old and gor is ....freaking 91 yrs old!! OMG! We are OLD man..HAHA! But can you tell gor is really tat old?

Ok will keep first post short and sweet! Will be back with more updates!

Ciao for now :)

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  1. welcome back my dearest!

    new window for me to monitor and know how r u guys ...hehehe... dearest....我要回来了。。。。我要回家了。。。。