Saturday, May 19, 2012


After viewing a videoclip that Mummy showed us, I fell in LOVE!  OMG he is such a good dancer!!  His name is Pudsey, a 6 years old mixed breed from Britain.  Very handsome fellow I must say!  Wait, dun be mistaken, Scrabby is not a gay boy hor, just I really really like Pudsey for being so cool!  The chemistry between him and his owner, Ashleigh is amazing!!

Mom first got to notice their audition video clip at "Britian's Got Talent 2012" when Aunty Helen posted the clip on her facebook.  We were totally blown away!  Pudsey is so COOL!

They passed the Audition with flying colours dancing to the music, Flintstones!!  Here is a clip during semi finals!  Pudsey look so adorable at the end of the dance huh :)

For the finals, Pudsey was doing "Mission Impossible"!  COOL!  And they WON the competition!  Congrats!!

Mummy wish I can dance like Pudsey lor...but I want to ask Mummy back..can you dance like Ashleigh then? HEHE

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