Sunday, January 6, 2013


Ok I have to say I am just a typical dude..I like gals...the more the merrier!  But of coz I will remain truthful to my true love lah...hehe

I like a few gals before and they are really beautiful!  All are pretty and have lots of character!

Let me intro them:
  1. On the left is Belle who used to stay a few doors away, now she had moved a short distance away and I hardly have the chance to meet her.  She is a GR and is so much taller and heavier then me BUT she is my first have no boundaries ok!
  2. On the top right corner is Piper, isnt she gorgeous looking with the silky long hair?
  3. On the bottom right corner is Pixie...she is such a fiesty little thing!  Kept barking and nagging at me!!  Ok they are sisters and the reason I no longer can be with them is not coz Pixie is too chili padi but they stay too far away from me...long distance love not working out at all lah
There was a gal whom I really would love to meet, her name is 妞妞, I heard so much about her via Mummy but I never have a chance to see her in person, she passed away in an accident in June 2011...Mummy blogged about it - in-remembrance of blur and 妞妞 One day I will definitely meet you and then we will be BEST FRIENDS!

Just before Xmas, a new babe moved in next door!  She is so cute with her button nose!  But she tends to ignore me...I am still trying to think how to woo her...any tips??  She is tiny and short but her name is Big Foot! HAHAHAHA!  well her paws are not big ..they are pretty cute...oh my! I am such a legs guy!

She prefers my 奶奶 and mummy though.  She loves them to pat her :)

You think more babes will appear in my bachelor life?  I hope so! LOL!

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