Sunday, February 3, 2013

Something *new* :)

Ok I am very sure you can tell this is a recycle bag? *GRIN*  but do you know what it is for?

Well...Mummy use this to bring me to the Vet!!

Its not a very good dog carrier coz ...everyone can see my big head popping out!!!  Well I have to admit its much more windy when I am in this recycle bag lah...but its just simply not very comfy lor...

Aunty Jacqueline heard and saw she decided to pass one of her old pet carrier to me (actually its super MINT condition)!  So I finally get to have my own pet carrier now!!!  

A very pretty bag too!!  Dun you think so??  Black with orange details!!  I am happy now!!!

Scrabby Mummy:  In Singapore, dogs are not allowed on public transportation unless they are inside a pet carrier and this only applies to cab, even with pet carriers, they are not allowed in bus and trains.  For me who do not have own transportation, I rely on cab rides to bring the boys to the vet. I only have 1 pet carrier and that is meant for whenever I need to bring both boys out, I will have no choice but to put Scrabby inside a recycle bag..Not the best option coz he is so hyperactive and likes to pop out from the recycle with his *new* carrier, the cab rides are always a breeze!  Thx Jacqueline!! :)

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