Friday, January 24, 2014

Oops She is jealous!!

Sorry for the long absence, its been a crazy month with many followup consultations to the hospital for Nai Nai, thus Mummy have no time to let me update the blog.

I still goes for my daily walks with Big Foot, we enjoyed our dating time very much (though there are always 2 very big lamp posts behind us Mummy and Aunty H).  Big Foot being so cute and chubby have many admirers in the neighbourhood, I can name a few lor

  • Moe Moe
  • Cotton
  • Omni

and the list goes on.....some other male dogs I dun even know them personally....also there are only a few female dogs in this she is very in demand....BUT I am forever the perfect gentleman...I am NEVER jealous ok...Infact I think I should feel damn proud that my woman is so popular right?? :)

But something happened during one of the night walks lor...and Big Foot is so upset with me after the incident ...

We were walking slowly in the small garden across our home...and suddenly a cute little female puppy came charging towards me!  She sure was excited to see me...guess she likes my man scent!  She was busy kissing me all over man!  Well not that I am complaining though.  BUT not Big Foot....she was stunned to see another gal kissing me..and she started to GROWL and BARK and charged at the female puppy!  Oh wow!  She is really fierce!!  Aunty H had to carry her away coz she was like really so angry!  Anyway I had to say goodbye to the cute puppy and continue our walk...BUT Big Foot ignored me....

Me: Wei you upset with me izzit?
Big Foot:  YOU DUN TOK TO ME!!!
Me: But why you upset huh?
Big Foot:  You mean you DUNNO??!!  Why you let that little bxtxh kiss you despite me barking and growling??!
Me: Cmon she is just a little gal, she is friendly....
Big Foot:  What friendly??!!  shameless!  
Me: But how about you letting the other boys sniff and kiss you huh?  Did I ever complain???
Big Foot:  .......................

See my point???!  *WOMAN*...roll eyes!

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