Saturday, March 10, 2007

First Introduction

Hmmm, this photo of me is taken by Aunty M who found me..yeah I was being abandoned by my previous owner in a multi-storey carpark almost 2 yrs ago. Look how skinny and sad I look at that time?
Aunty M was really sweet and kind, she cleaned me up and sent me to the vet. After I've settled down, Aunty M put up an adoption advertisement, hoping for a kind soul to adopt me.
My mummy came across the advertisement and decided to write in. After screening, ,Aunty M brought me to my new home on 8th April 2005 & I've stayed on since....
My new family consist of Mummy, Daddy and across the road is my Granny, Uncle A and Cookie Gor Gor...I am very happy now.
Guess its all for now...will try to intro Cookie Gor Gor on my next post..

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