Friday, March 28, 2008

*SMIRK*..see!! no leash!! so proud of myself ..I show Mummy that I can walk off leash le...every night when Mummy brought me home, she will test me lor. Once we reach our floor, Mummy will roll up the leash and put on my back and see if I know my way back home...hehe..I proved to her that I know!!! Hmmm..but hor every night at the door, I will also try to ask Mummy if I can go to Belle's house at the end of the corridor to visit Belle..ooh Belle is my GR pal! Sometimes Mummy allow, sometimes she doesnt I have to test my luck lor...

Wish me luck that soon I can prove to Mummy that I can walk off leash TOTALLY!!

PS: Scrabby Mummy: Wait LONG LONG, once you see cats you go CRAZY de!!


  1. I have been off leash since I was 3 years old. Not only on corridors but I go off leash even when I go for walkie. I am a good good girl mar!


  2. hehe.... so cute ...
    All our neighbour is scare of dogs, we cant go off leash not unless it is after Mid Nite when they are all asleep.
    Twister & Furby